Atılım University, which was established in the capital Ankara to "be a university that provides quality education, produces science and technology, conducts research and sheds light on the future of the country", has been taking decisive steps to achieve this goal and move forward for more than twenty-one years.

Celebrating the 23th anniversary, Atılım University is one of the oldest foundation (private and non-profit) universities, established in 1996 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It offers high quality education at European Standards (Bologna Process) and recognized through world university rankings and offers globally accredited degrees and diplomas with a diploma supplement award by EU.

Atılım University Campus embraces life with the light of science with its open spaces, sports facilities, library, laboratories open to use every hour, conference halls.

60% of students from fifty different countries of the world are active in 67 different clubs and communities in Atılım University Campus, which provides the infrastructure for young people who question life with enthusiasm and curiosity, acquire new information, discover new tastes, and structure their future with a broader vision.

Although it does not have a physical education and sports school, it enables young people to gain new disciplines and build strong friendships for life in different sports branches with the teams participating in sports competitions among the universities in our country.

It tells about the features they brought from different geographies with hundreds of tree tags in an area of ​​250.000 m2. In the campus that contains endemic species, Yanar Doner, also known as Sevgi Cicegi and Ankara Cigdem, responds to the expectations of every spring enthusiast with their beauties for a short time, by addressing all the difficulties in the harsh climate of Incek, which is the highest place in Ankara. With the initiatives of our university, information and planting studies are carried out to protect these flowers in İncek and its surrounding areas and spread them to larger areas.


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